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Thursday, November 5th, 2020

KGNU Community Radio deepens community impact

By Sabine Kortals Stein

Today we’re pleased to announce the successful completion of our multi-year Catapult investment in KGNU Community Radio.

“In our relationship with SVP, we grew as an organization in several important ways,” says Tim Russo, KGNU Station Manager. “We identified the need for systems work in our organization – that is, clearly identifying at the onset of our partnership with SVP that improving our systems and processes would improve our capacity and impact.

“SVP Partners Tim Rohrer and Michael Donovan volunteered their time as co-leads on our work together. From the get-go they were really involved, attending board and committee meetings, and strengthening our board governance.

“The SVP Lead Partners and additional SVP Partners also came in to review and support new systems to be implemented – which isn’t easy, considering the highly participatory nature of KGNU as an organization, and that culture shifts don’t happen overnight. Put another way, SVP helped us take small, deliberate steps that are already yielding cumulative, transformational outcomes.”

Specifically, our investment in KGNU inspired a closer look at both internal and external policies, employee handbooks, and developing volunteer handbooks with an eye on cultural appropriateness. “There’s a tendency to look for standardized, cookie-cutter handbooks. We took those template, and then really refined and adapted them to fit our organization,” Tim recalls.

He adds, “We received tremendous support from SVP to reinforce what’s working in our tight-knit culture, while better distinguishing staff and board member roles according to best practices. To that end, SVP was instrumental in facilitating retreats and providing ongoing counsel to strengthen our systems and help us become more transparent.

“SVP also helped us address succession planning. Today, we have a blueprint for efficiently and effectively passing the baton from one person to another.”

Tim further notes “excellent technical support” from SVP over the past three years, improving KGNU database systems.

Indeed, Catapult – a pro-bono business consulting program – is SVP Boulder County’s longest-running offering, helping to strengthen nonprofits from the inside out. “In our efforts to support local nonprofits with a variety of programs and resources that strengthen strategy and management, Catapult matches our experienced Partners with nonprofit leaders to help them achieve their goals for greater organizational impact,” explains Joshua Silberstein, CEO of SVP Boulder County. “It’s gratifying to know the many ways in which KGNU has grown as a result of our sustained investment in this community treasure.”

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