Help Us Build a Thriving Boulder County Community

We work side-by-side with Boulder County nonprofits and philanthropic changemakers to create a community where everyone can thrive.

Working Together to Strengthen Our Community

For over two decades, SVP Boulder County has been addressing our community’s needs by working side by side with Boulder County nonprofits. Together, we can continue this impactful work by expanding our capacity building programs and deepening our relationships with more Boulder County nonprofits. By making a gift to SVP, you are investing in our shared vision of a more vibrant, thriving, and equitable Boulder County for all.

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Ways to Give

To learn more about making a contribution and the types of gifts accepted by SVP, please see our Gift Acceptance Policy or contact, Katie MacDonald, SVP Development Manager.

Social Venture Partners Boulder County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All gifts are tax deductible.

Social Venture Partners Boulder County EIN#: 46-1384125

Our Goals

DEI Trainings & Workshops

Provide microgrants to Boulder County nonprofits for DEI and anti-racism trainings and workshops.

Provide DEI and anti-racism trainings and workshops for SVP Partners, Board Members, and Staff.


SVP's Culture

Actively work to create and maintain a culture in which people feel welcome, respected, valued, and accountable in order to serve SVP’s mission and vision.

Trust-Based Philanthropy

Engage in transformational capacity-building and trust-based philanthropy practices with nonprofits.

Program Evaluation

Evaluate and redesign SVP program offerings to better meet the identified needs of nonprofits led by and serving communities of color and diversity in Boulder County.