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Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Meet Partner Todd Dutkin

By Ed Victor, SVP Partner

Todd head shot I had the pleasure of meeting Todd Dutkin, a new SVP member, at his office and business, Fresca Foods.  After a fascinating tour of the plant where they make a number of well-known natural and organic products, we had a chance to sit down for a few minutes.

As I find with many at SVP, Todd has an interesting backstory: living abroad on his own for 2 years before college, and then living large in Hong Kong before his wife and he decided to raise their children under the blue skies and cleaner air of Colorado.  Shortly thereafter, he switched from the tech world of Level 3 into the food business, and hasn’t looked back.  Over the last 15 years, he’s grown it from a small pasta shop into a multi-site organization with a wide range of natural food products.

He’s looking for new ways to give back, and getting his hands dirty — if we call it that — at Social Venture Partners.  I look forward to you meeting him and his wife Virginia, who is also a partner at SVP.

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