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Friday, December 4th, 2020

New Partner Spotlight: Barbara Randell

by Sabine Kortals Stein

Denverite Barbara Randell – an active participant in the nonprofit sector there – is looking forward to expanding her nonprofit engagement up the road, in neighboring Boulder County.

“About nine months ago, Hope Hanrahan [SVP Partner and board member] introduced me to SVP and invited me to some meetings,” recalls Randell, who goes by her surname. “I was looking for something else to get involved in, and I liked what I heard.”

Adds SVP’s newest Partner, “I thought getting to know the Boulder County community would be terrific, and an interesting change of pace.”

Randell has been philanthropically engaged for 35 years. “It’s something near and dear to my heart,” says the experienced communications consultant, speaker, and author who founded Future Image Group, and who currently runs the Marsha Brady Tucker Foundation – her family’s privately-held foundation.

“I feel strongly about community, and paying it forward. It’s important to give back, if you can, and to help others who may be struggling.”

Randell, who grew up in New York, has passed on her philanthropic philosophy to her son. “He’s always been very involved in community, too. Philanthropy is a core value of our family.”

In her professional life, Randell is especially adept at teaching other leaders the ins and outs of inter-generational communication. “My interest is helping others develop and maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships across the five unique generations in today’s workplace,” she says. “COVID-19 has made that all the more challenging, but it’s more important than ever.

“Whether you’re a business owner or manager, or a nonprofit executive, your job relies on good, successful communication.”

Indeed, in her more than 15 years as a professional head hunter in the legal world, Randell has become an expert at teaching others the skills necessary to practice effective in-person communication through intention, curiosity, networking, and setting boundaries.

The SVP family welcomes you, Randell!

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