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Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

New Partner Spotlight: Emily Hinck

“During my early professional career, I worked for various Boulder County nonprofits, especially focused on environment & conservation [e.g., Thorne Nature Experience] – from direct program services to operations, fundraising, communications and board relations.” says Emily Hinck, a new Partner of SVP Boulder County. “Now, as Founder and Principal Advisor of Singletrack Consulting, I work with nonprofit leaders to help them refine and define effective business processes and technology solutions.

“In the past five years, my work expanded nationally,” she continues. “I really enjoyed the exposure to larger organizations, and seeing the breadth and depth of their operations, fundraising and marketing – and how they work.

“But over the past year or so, I’ve also been feeling really disconnected from what’s happening locally.”

Emily launched her own consultancy with the goal of re-engaging with local nonprofits. A certified Salesforce administrator, Sales Cloud Consultant and Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, she’s particularly adept in helping nonprofits identify technology strategies that best support their goals and programs.

She also began to reflect on her years as a nonprofit staff member, recalling that “SVP was always a tremendous resource for those organizations, countywide.”

Emily adds, “SVP has its finger on the pulse of what drives Boulder County nonprofits, what their needs are, and how to meet those needs.

“I soon realized that getting involved with SVP as a Partner would be a meaningful way to reconnect and contribute locally, and fulfill what I’d been missing. I’m especially interested in how the SVP model provides peer-to-peer programming for participating nonprofits, while also providing training and professional development to its Partner members.”

Specifically, Emily is excited to gain knowledge and skills in leadership and facilitation from SVP, while applying her experience to nonprofits’ technology needs and goals “to help optimize fundraising, volunteer and programmatic operations.”

“It’s easy for organizations to get on a sales call with a technology rep, and get lost in the bells and whistles of what’s possible,” concludes Emily. “Along the way, nonprofits sometimes lose sight of what their technology needs really are, and end up allowing technology to drive their programming, services and operations – instead of the other way around.

“That’s where I can help, navigating the options. At the same time, I know I have a lot to learn from nonprofit leaders in our community. Learning is always a two-way street.”

Nonprofits may stay tuned for expanded support in technology strategy as SVP ramps up its new Resource Teams programming. Partner members interesting in participating in SVP’s Technology Resource Team may contact Emily Hinck, the team’s Lead Partner.

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