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Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

New Partner Spotlight – Madeline Tomseth

As a new SVP Partner and a fairly new resident of Boulder County, Madeline Tomseth joined SVP Boulder County to learn more about philanthropy and the local nonprofit sector.

“While looking around for opportunities, time and time again I was referred back to SVP as the best place to not only get involved with the Boulder community, but to figure out how I can make the most effective change and learn from everyone,” said Madeline.

Coming from a 5th generation family business, Les Schwab Tires, Madeline learned from her great-grandfather a passion and dedication to building good people and a positive company culture. “After our family sold the business, we each created a donor advised fund and so my purpose now is finding ways to continue my grandfather’s vision in building good people and a good community,” adds Madeline.

With knowledge from her family business, a love for strategic planning, and an interest in diving deep into company culture, Madeline hopes to use her skills to help nonprofits better achieve their goals and serve their missions.

“Boulder County seems like such a dynamic community, and there’s a lot going on here, so I’m trying to immerse myself in all of it and find ways to have the most impact. As an SVP Partner, I want to learn from other Partners as well as people who are very experienced in the nonprofit sector so I can become more educated in in my own gifting,” concludes Madeline.

Originally from Oregon, Madeline and her husband Mikell moved to Boulder in 2020.  Madeline is passionate about food and is a classically trained pastry chef. Currently, Madeline operates her recipe development and consulting company, sucreation, as well as serves as the Culinary Director for Set Creative Studios, a content creation agency for food brands based in Boulder, CO. When not in the studio testing recipes, Madeline can be found running trails around Boulder, and spending time adventuring with her husband and dog.

Please join us in welcoming Madeline to SVP Boulder County!

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