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Tuesday, March 19th, 2024

Nonprofit Spotlight: TGTHR

TGTHR has provided support to youth and young adults in Boulder County for decades. It was founded as Attention Homes in 1966 as a residential program to help find safe homes for young people. In 2021, the organization changed its name to TGTHR to illustrate that they “walk alongside the young people in our programs and collaborate together with all community stakeholders to end youth homelessness,” says Alex Bergland, Director of Communications. TGTHR serves youth aged 12-24 with a variety of programs that address basic needs, provide safe housing, and connect young people with the supportive services needed to move from homelessness to stability.

Over the years, the programs offered have grown to include an overnight shelter and daytime drop-in center, which provide access to resources including healthcare, employment and education services, counseling as well as food, clothing, showers, and Wi-Fi. Alex adds, “In 2015, we started working on affordable and supportive housing programs by adding a transitional living program and then a 40-unit supportive apartment project in downtown Boulder. In 2024, we’ll be opening a 56-unit supportive housing complex as well. We really have been evolving and adding programs to meet the needs of young people facing homelessness in our community.”

TGTHR is proud of several recent accomplishments and successes. According to Alex, “Many young people graduated from high school this last year, and we had many young people move out of our programs into independent housing. We have a lot of success stories all around. . . seeing young people reunite with a family member, get a job or promotion, finish a project they were working on; it’s amazing to see them get involved in the community and build those permanent connections.” TGTHR has much to look forward to as well.

Recently, a new Chief Executive Officer, Annie Bacci has taken over leading TGTHR. She brings enthusiasm, expertise in working with vulnerable populations – particularly youth – and experience in the affordable housing field. She will oversee the continued growth of the organization as they expand into Denver. “We are building on our supportive housing model and expanding into a 56-unit project in Denver. We are very grateful that we have a CEO to help lead us into the launching and grand opening of that program,” comments Alex. Affordable housing for young people has been a long-term goal of TGTHR, and they are proud to be taking their program to the next level.

“It has been an honor to step into this leadership role for such an incredible organization that centers youth and community in everything that we do. As I reflect back on my first months as CEO, I am both equally impressed and inspired by the young people accessing services here at TGTHR and our dedicated staff meeting them where they are and supporting them in their journey.” says Annie Bacci, TGTHR’s new CEO.

If you would like to help TGTHR grow, there are many ways to get involved. Donations of cash or goods are always needed and welcomed. There are also volunteer opportunities, meal drives, or you can attend an upcoming event this year. To support and learn more, visit

From 2015 to 2018 TGTHR, then Attention Homes, participated in Social Venture Partners Boulder County’s Catapult Program. Over several years, SVP Partners worked alongside TGTHR staff and board to build their organizational capacity. Since then, SVP has remained connected with the organization and we are excited to see how much TGTHR has supported Boulder County youth, and to see how much more they will accomplish.

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