Josh Silberstein


Joshua (Josh) Silberstein joined SVP Boulder County as CEO in April 2020. Josh passionately believes a vibrant community is achieved through vibrant partnerships among for- and nonprofit leaders. As such, he’s a dedicated steward and fierce advocate of the SVP model, in which shared knowledge and combined experience from both sectors ignites greater creativity, innovation, and efficiency – thereby strengthening Boulder County nonprofits while benefitting our Partners, and enriching our community as a whole.

In the past decade alone, Josh served – among other positions – as Chair of the Board of Shambhala USA, overseeing global activities and assets, including a budget of gross annual revenue of $18M. Shambhala is a cultural and educational nonprofit that operates 200 locations comprising 14K members in 50 countries. Josh earned a bachelor’s degree at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Md., majoring in Philosophy and History of Mathematics, and minoring in Languages and Laboratory Sciences.

Josh and his wife, Elizabeth (Liz), live with their two children in Boulder. Liz serves as Vice President of Strategic Growth and Senior Counsel at The Build Up Companies.

The CEO of SVP Boulder County is responsible for ensuring successful implementation of our vision and maximizing the impact of our mission by working closely with the local SVP Partner network and Board of Directors, managing day-to-day operations – including a small but mighty team of staff, consultants, and community collaborators – and serving as community liaison. Josh further maintains oversight of SVP’s programs and services, and directs organizational finances.