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Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

SVP Partner Profile: Danielle Staunton

It is our sincere pleasure to introduce our community to Danielle Staunton, an SVP Partner who is celebrating one-year of Partnership with SVP.

After a dedicated career in the for-profit technology and media industry, Danielle Staunton transitioned into the nonprofit sector to make an impact on the lives of youth. Moving to Boulder County in 2008 from Denver, Danielle sought an opportunity to use her passion for education, health, and wellness. It was through her time as the Development Director at the Chef Ann Foundation that Danielle honed her development and fundraising skills. She became aware of SVP through her development roles and as a participant in SVP’s Invested Leaders program with other local Development Directors. “Being in the nonprofit space is an opportunity to be surrounded by many grounded, incredibly passionate, and intelligent people. I love networking events (said no one ever), meeting new people and connecting them with others,” shared Danielle.

As a Partner member, Danielle looks forward to “creating some structure and providing fundraising best practices for the smaller nonprofits in our community. Passionate people start a nonprofit but aren’t necessarily familiar with how to raise money – but they know a great deal about developing programming. Often, they need someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to encourage them to share their passion and knowledge with an audience, or to help identify who their loyal donors are and how to steward them.”

Danielle has become a valuable member of SVP’s Development Strategies Resource Team, helping to advise smaller nonprofits on fundraising strategies and best practices. Her first project was working collaboratively with The New Local, a community art gallery and studio featuring female-identifying and nonbinary artists. “The founder [of The New Local] is an angel, working with her and her team was a beautiful experience. I recently attended their first fundraising event and got to engage with the art community. Celebrating a year of learning, growth and collaboration validated our work together,” said Danielle.

Giving back to the community and encouraging others to do the same is important to Danielle. She is launching the Kindness Collective, inspiring youth to participate in collective community service work while also developing compassion and interpersonal skills. “If we want peace and harmony in this world, we have to start in our own backyard,” shared Danielle. “I am launching the Kindness Collective for youth to gain insight into their role in the community, learning that small acts make great impact, and finding their passion. It will be a monthly meet-up for youth to volunteer in the community, but I also want to create a mentor program training high schoolers, so younger kids have positive role models in their real lives, not their virtual ones.”

Danielle recently joined the passionate team at There With Care to build their corporate philanthropy strategy. In her free time, Danielle enjoys teaching group fitness classes, cooking, growing her own veggies, and dancing with her husband to live music. In the summer, you will find her cheering at her son’s baseball games, stand up paddleboarding on MacIntosh Lake or the Boulder Reservoir as well as hiking with her dog.

Please join us in welcoming Danielle Staunton to SVP Boulder County!

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