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Monday, March 4th, 2019

SVP Partner Spotlight: David Bachrach

For David Bachrach, being involved with SVP Boulder County means coming full circle.

“It all started back in 1973 when we were living in Illinois,” recalls Bachrach, who provides leadership coaching to more than 160 physician leaders at some of the nation’s leading academic medical centers. “We lived right next door to a family, and the young girl in that family later became our daughter’s first babysitter.”

Flash forward, Bachrach and his wife, Linda – also a coach, working with people in the process of transitioning from one phase of their lives to another –, eventually moved to Boulder where Dina Coates Koebler, the young girl from Illinois, now serves as Chief Development Officer of Community Food Share, a current SVP Boulder County nonprofit Investee.

“On and off through the years, we stayed in touch,” continues Bachrach. “A few years ago, Linda did a little coaching with Dina about her career options, and was somewhat instrumental in getting her to come out to Telluride, then Denver … and then Boulder.”

Introduced to Community Food Share while serving on an SVP Boulder County committee, Bachrach has since volunteered and donated to the local nonprofit, which aims to eliminate hunger in Boulder and Broomfield counties.

“It’s become a family affair,” he says, referring to his son, Josh, and his grandchildren, Penelope (8) and Benjamin (5). “Last fall, I visited Community Food Share as a Partner and learned about the wonderful work they do. So when Josh and his children came to visit from New York City at Thanksgiving, I suggested we not only talk about what we’re thankful for, but that we as a family also make a gift to Community Food Share.”

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Bachrach – with his son and grandchildren in tow – toured Community Food Share and presented Dina with a check.

“David has had an influence on my life since I was a teenager,” says Koebler, adding her perspective to this happy confluence of circumstances. “I have benefitted from both David and Linda’s wisdom countless times – I’m a lucky girl to call them friends!

“David and I had a conversation about raising children in a philanthropic culture. His family has a foundation that engages their children in a thoughtful process – but a process that’s too mature for their young grandchildren. So David took advantage of his grandchildren’s visit from New York City to personally engage them in a pre-Thanksgiving trip to Community Food Share. It’s always lovely when donors come in person to deliver their gift – even more so when they bring family members.

“David wanted to enhance his family culture of giving by giving of their time, not just their treasure. Even with a very tight schedule, David, his son and his grandchildren sorted more than 100 pounds of onions in the warehouse. Then they came to my office and we talked about food insecurity. When young Benjamin presented me with the check, we took my calculator and multiplied how many meals this gift would provide back into the community.

“The children were a part of the process, from the warehouse to the check presentation.”

Adds Koebler, “For many years, I facilitated a workshop – Memories in the Making – for parents and grandparents. As part of the class, everyone shared their happiest, most impactful childhood memories. In the hundreds of times I conducted this exercise, never once did anyone mention something that was bought for them. Those lifelong memories that were treasures to them involved spending time with family and friends.

“David created one of those opportunities for the newest generation of his family. He exposed them to a need in our community, they shared time as a family working toward a solution and then they made a gift to further its mission.”

Concludes Koebler, “David Bachrach’s contributions to SVP will be many. He is a very savvy entrepreneur, and investing those same skills into promoting a culture of philanthropy in his own family – with his wife, Linda, their children and their grandchildren – creates the ultimate donor legacy.

“I chose a career in nonprofit development for this very reason – to witness people at their very best, supporting the communities in which they live and helping those they may never meet … but still choosing to respond to their needs.”

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