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Monday, May 8th, 2017

Year in Review: 2016 Highlights

Heading into 2016, SVP was ready to roll – three years since earning nonprofit status, we’d firmed up our internal systems. It was big work – including sorting out our most efficient internal operational structures, and adding external programming, expanding the “ways to play” for even more Boulder County nonprofits going forward.

Having kept tight focus over the past few years on getting our house in order, in 2016 we decided it was time to hit the road and introduce the “new” SVP to the world around us.

And so we did! Intentional about meeting new people, our Expanding Impact membership campaign gave us the opportunity to share the SVP of today with our community in exciting ways. We invited others to join us through advertising, and designed a series of events that offered folks the chance to learn more about the needs that exist across Boulder County, experience new ways of volunteering with nonprofits for themselves, and meet some of SVP’s amazing current members.

Stepping out into the world in this way greeted intriguing, and unanticipated shifts in SVP’s ‘internal’ culture as well. Current members have embraced their role delivering this new SVP, whatever their choice for engagement. Evident are SVP’s impacts and tangible additions to client nonprofits, whether they opt for SVP education, leadership development, or pro-bono consulting offerings. And Partners have shared in that success with pride…impacting how we talk about the organization, and the lived experience of this SVP community.

Find details about the work of 2016 – our programs, and culture – in our 2016 Annual Report. We’re excited to continue down this road, and take this journey together wherever it leads!

SVP Partner Profile: Saskia Westhof

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