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Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Hot Press – SVP’s New Catapult Investment Hits the Front Page

The Longmont Times-Call ran a front-page feature on SVP’s new Catapult investment with the Longmont Community Justice Partnership. The article highlighted SVP’s emphasis on helping the “lauded restorative justice nonprofit” build its capacity to fulfill its mission. “[We’re] poised to go to the next level, and SVP will help us get there sooner rather than later,” said LCJP Board Chair, John Caldwell.

Over the last twenty-five years, Longmont Community Justice Partnership has established a reputation as a leader in the field of restorative justice. As municipalities, schools, citizens’ groups and others increasingly see the value of restorative justice principles, LCJP has enormous potential to scale its impact. As Jennie Arbogash, SVP CEO, pointed out, “There’s extensive potential to expand services locally, to scale beyond crime and school safety to use restorative justice practices in government and business, and to multiply restorative justice train-the-trainer services around the country.” SVP Boulder County has committed to work alongside their board and staff to help them reach their goals.

We love getting love from the media, and we prefer SVP be referred to as a “nonprofit capacity builder” rather than as a “venture capital group.” SVP does provide modest cash grants, but these will largely support LCJP’s work as it transforms its methods and practices. SVP Boulder County’s real strength in working with its Catapult Investees lies in the collective efforts of SVP Partner members who provide consulting, mentoring, advice, coaching, and other services. As CEO Jennie Arbogash explains, “We’ll work side-by-side with LCJP board and staff leadership on everything from board governance and leadership development to strategy, fundraising, communications, and more.”

Read the full Longmont Times-Call article here.

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