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Friday, May 1st, 2020

New Partner Spotlight: Lyn Ciocca McCaleb

For Lyn Ciocca McCaleb, what stands out about SVP Boulder County is its focus on strengthening and empowering our local community.

“I’ve participated in a number of different boards and other opportunities, mostly outside of Boulder,” says McCaleb, a new Partner of SVP Boulder County. “I appreciate the opportunity to get involved with SVP’s work throughout our county, and the breadth of nonprofits we work with. I’m gaining much more of an understanding of the diversity of our county, and the spectrum of opportunities and challenges we face.”

McCaleb came here 18 years ago, and has always maintained a spirit of giving back.

“Admittedly, because I’m a scuba diver, my original interest in boards had to do with supporting our coral reefs. Now, not being near water, I realize how many important causes I haven’t been exposed to – and Boulder County’s many different offerings and opportunities to serve others.

“Moving here made me more interested in pursuing a local focus.”

Indeed, McCaleb served on the board of The Dairy Arts Center for several years, where she met fellow SVP Partner Deborah Malden.

As a seasoned executive coach – having worked with C-level executives and their teams to support their self awareness and leadership growth – McCaleb offers tailor-made programs in her encore career, including assessments … such as the Leadership Circle and Emergenetics Thinking and Behavior Attributes, as well as Inner Critic work and Immunity to Change.

Through this lens, McCaleb is excited about applying her expertise to help our local nonprofits become more self-aware and therefore more effective, too.

She adds, “To be quite honest, I’m also really looking forward to connecting with the other Partners in this organization – some of whom I know from other contexts in Boulder County.”

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