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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

SVP announces new nonprofit Investee: Longmont Community Justice Partnership

Today we’re excited to announce Longmont Community Justice Partnership (LCJP) as the most recent Investee in our multi-year Catapult program. “For us, the Longmont Community Justice Partnership demonstrates a compelling investment with significant potential for impact in Boulder County and beyond,” says Jennie Arbogash, CEO.

“Specifically, LCJP builds community through collaborative and inclusive restorative practices, giving people the opportunity to heal and create justice in their communities. Through Catapult, we’ll work side-by-side with LCJP board and staff on everything from board governance and leadership development to strategy, fundraising, communications and more.”

Continues Jennie, “The impact potential of this investment is underscored by a real appetite and readiness for capacity building support among LCJP board and staff members, along with the organization’s proven success in mission-related social enterprise work – and many opportunities for SVP Partner engagement.” Also important, this new investment in an alternative to the criminal justice system helps SVP meet the equity component of our vision, mission, and strategic plan. Related, an investment in LCJP helps SVP maintain a balanced portfolio of Boulder County nonprofits.

“LCJP serves a diverse population of local residents in Longmont – even as the organization is a national leader in restorative justice,” adds Jennie. “There’s extensive potential to expand services locally, to scale beyond crime and school safety to use restorative justice practices in government and business, and to multiply restorative justice train-the-trainer services around the country.

“It became clear to our Investment Selection Committee that investing in LCJP through Catapult will help them be more efficient, effective and sustainable over time.”

Agrees Kathleen McGoey, LCJP Executive Director: “Thanks to the contributions of many people over our 25-year history, we’ve established a rich history of leadership in the field in restorative justice. We’ve been setting standards and advancing practices in the field.

“But, as a nonprofit, there are always some limitations – from funding to staff capacity. We’ve reached a point where we’re receiving more requests and demands for our services than we can keep up with. As participants in SVP’s Catapult program, we’ll move out of reactive mode and shift into proactive mode by setting goals – and setting strategies to meet those goals.

“As a result, SVP is truly investing in national restorative movements because what we do here is often looked at by other restorative justice programs across the country.”

Founded in 1994 as Teaching Peace in an effort to prevent bullying, LCJP began using the restorative justice process in 1996. In brief, restorative justice focuses on repairing harmed relationships caused by a crime or conflict rather than punishing the offender. LCJP involves all stakeholders – including offenders, victims and their supporters, along with community members, police officers, and school personnel in determining what actions will best repair harm. The organization also emphasizes honoring the needs and requests of victims.

Locally, LCJP partners with the St. Vrain Valley School District, Longmont Police Department, Longmont Municipal Court & Probation and Longmont’s Children, Youth & Families. To date, LCJP has served more than 15K people with a track record of resolving the harm of crime and conflict in our community, and reintegrating those who have caused harm.

To learn more about the partnership between SVP and LCJP or get involved, contact Jennie Arbogash.

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