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Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

SVP Board Welcomes New Members

Social Venture Partners Boulder County strengthens BoCo’s nonprofit sector through programming that includes business consulting, executive coaching, and education. SVP Partners direct the mission, vision, innovation, and policies of SVP Boulder County through a representative Board of Directors. This month, SVP Partners unanimously elected Dennis Berry, Amy Maranowicz and Jeanette Marquess to join SVP’s Board.

Dennis Berry (Fall2015) Dennis Berry joins the Board after over a decade of membership in the organization. Dennis bring both a breadth and depth of experience to his Board position. Following his service as a Lead Partners twice, he became the resource for all Lead Partners. Additionally, he’s served on the Capacity Building Task Force and the Evaluation Task Force, and is currently a coach under SVP’s Execs Evolve program. During his tenure with SVP Dennis has engaged in multiple Investee projects, in addition to serving on the Investee Selection Committee (formerly, the “Portfolio Grants Committee”) multiple times.

Amy Maranowicz (Fall2015) Likewise, first-hand experience with a range of SVP programming will inform the leadership Amy Maranowicz can provide the organization. Whether serving as the Chair of SVP’s Capacity Building Task Force, or as a member of SVP’s Investee Selection Committee (formerly, the “Portfolio Grants Committee”), Amy has personal experience with SVP’s internal stakeholder processes. Similarly, her engagement in SVP’s external-facing work as a trainer/facilitator for two of SVP’s educational series (PARTNER BOOTCAMP and BOARDS WITH BRAINS) and doing numerous Investee projects lends an informed perspective to her role on the Board.

Jeanette Marquess (Fall2015) Finally, Jeanette Marquess rounds out the new additions with her experience on Investee projects, and most recently as Lead Partner for Investee InReach. Additionally, Jeanette has served twice on SVP’s Investee Selection Committee (formerly, the “Portfolio Grants Committee”), and the Sustainability Advisory Group, which turns SVP’s investee consulting lens on the organization itself.

Learn more about the full roster of SVP’s dynamic members of the Board on this page.

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