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Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

SVP Launches Investee Peer Learning Cohort

By Jennie Arbogash, SVP Executive Director

This week SVP launches an exciting new program, Invested EDs, specifically for executive directors of current and alumni Investees. The program has been structured as monthly, in-person, peer learning meetings in order to cultivate relationships between Investees, promote knowledge development, and deepen/maintain relationships between Investees and SVP. Integrated Work, a local leadership development firm, has partnered with SVP to help manage and facilitate Invested EDs and Caitlin Plaza is coordinating the program.

“Cool fact that I realized this morning is that we have organizations participating from our 1st year of investing all the way to our current Investees, “says Caitlin. “Invested EDs has been a long time coming,” adds Jennie, SVP Boulder County executive director, continuing, “I’m thrilled and grateful to Integrated Work for making it possible to deepen our leadership development for Investees.”

SVP would like to help nonprofit executives become more effective in their work by sharing ideas and resources with their peers. This peer learning team is a unique, professional development opportunity that supplements other programs offered by SVP such as Boards with Brains. This team was developed directly from feedback SVP Investee Executive Directors shared for developing leadership skills and building better connections among one another. This team is a confidential and safe environment to explore new ideas and develop relationships with other executives who understand their world. While meeting themes and highlights will be captured in summary notes, detailed information regarding participant nonprofits will remain confidential.

Through facilitated peer dialogue, executives will learn from one another, share useful strategies, explore lessons learned, and brainstorm solutions using the collective wisdom across the participating nonprofits. The aims of this team are to:

  • Cultivate relationships between executives across different nonprofits to learn how work is being done at different Boulder County nonprofits, exchange ideas, share useful practices, and create peer support.
  • Promote knowledge of Boulder County nonprofits strengths and needs, and create opportunities across the team to collaborate and strengthen one another’s work. The learning team will help integrate understanding of the SVP Investee nonprofit community, and how different leadership styles and nonprofit structures contribute to strong nonprofits.
  • Provide a developmental bridge between different SVP Investee Executive Directors that connects leaders in meaningful, topical, and focused discussions that can accelerate leadership and skill development.
  • Deepen and maintain the relationship with SVP through knowledge gained about the SVP Investee nonprofit community. Through this peer learning team, participants will have access to SVP’s in-depth resources and connections, knowledge of relevant upcoming events, and opportunities.

For more information or to sign up for future sessions (EDs of current and alumni Investees only, please) contact Caitlin Plaza.

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