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Thursday, May 15th, 2014

A Look Back: SVP's TLC Learning Center Case Study

This month SVP Boulder County is proud to graduate TLC Learning Center and is sharing highlights of the three year relationship through a new release, “Catching Up with the Times – and Beyond: A Case Study ofTLC Learning Center and Social Venture Partners Boulder County“.

What would you think if you came across a local nonprofit that lost money several years in a row, had experienced multiple executive director turnovers, and hadn’t significantly changed the way it did business in ages? If you’re anything like SVP, you’d see how much the nonprofit’s services are needed in the community, and get very, very excited about digging in to help turn things around.

And, turn around they did. In 2011 SVP began investing pro-bono consulting and cash grants in TLC Learning Center (formerly Tiny Tim Center). The match of SVP and TLC Learning Center could not have come at a more timely juncture, with both organizations welcoming the challenge together. The work wasn’t always easy, but TLC’s Rick Kellogg was “extremely impressed with how SVP handled the delicate balance of influence, without interference” while investing pro bono consulting in the organization.

In the end, TLC found the help it desperately needed to get through a period of significant financial and programmatic hurdles; while SVP was able to make a difference in an organization that had been solid and successful for over 50 years. Side by side, SVP and TLC worked together to get back to thriving and better serving the community.

Learn more about the journey, in the Case Study, available now.

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