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Monday, October 30th, 2017

A Peek Into a Coach/Client Relationship

While many of us recognize there are areas of ourselves we could improve to be more effective in our work and life, knowing what to do to realize those improvements can feel overwhelming. How do I create a plan of action? What should be included? How do I start and continue the plan, and who is going to help me stick to it?

Meet Rachel and Amy.

Amy Maranowicz is an SVP executive coach whose passion is, “helping peak performers and high potentials make their mark on the world” as their behind-the-scenes partner.

Rachel, a director of programs for a local nonprofit had experienced executive coaching through an abbreviated program previously and had enjoyed the opportunities to try new behaviors including various facilitation and management techniques. As a client of the Execs Evolve Program, she has appreciated the longer coaching commitment (six months) that has enabled her and Amy to really dig into particular focus areas, discuss tools and strategies, implement them and then reflect on the experience.

Rachel and Amy have been meeting regularly in-person for the past six months addressing Rachel’s goals outlined in their first meeting.

In talking with Rachel and Amy, it is clear they have a strong relationship. “Rachel has come prepared every session, sharing what she tried since our last session, what worked and more specifically what she did and said that made it work.”

At the same time, Rachel appreciatively explained, “We’ve been able to address emerging challenges and opportunities as well as ongoing efforts.” “Amy is able to tie my concerns at the moment back to my original goals.”

Over time, Rachel has noticed increased confidence as she’s been able to learn and apply new knowledge, tools and strategies to facilitate difficult conversations and effectively lead and manage her team. Amy has recognized these changes as well, “She has absolutely grown! Rachel set her goals at the beginning of our engagement and she continues to realize them!”

As the six-month program comes to an end, both Rachel and Amy have had some time to reflect on their relationship, accomplishments and key takeaways. Amy has been reminded just how much she loves coaching. “It combines two of my greatest passions, asking powerful questions that create possibilities and seeing individuals realize their own successes.”

As Rachel continues to build her skills, she will continue to “approach every situation conscientiously and intentionally” keeping in mind that, “people show up differently based on their natural inclination and personality.” She will also continue to incorporate tools when preparing for scheduled, anticipated meetings as well as impromptu situations to assure they are productive and effective interactions.

If you are interested in participating in the next round of the Execs Evolve Program as either a coach or client, email Mary Swanson, SVP Program Coordinator. Important informational sessions for coaches and clients are being finalized now. We’ll provide further details very soon!

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