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Friday, October 24th, 2014

How Might We Intentionally Create Meaningful Relationships?

By Jennie Arbogash, Executive Director SVP Boulder County

In Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, David Sedaris mentions that he wouldn’t know who he was without the context of his family.  For all its beauty and faults, I am most deeply connected to who I am when in relationship with my family.  In each of the 13 grandparents, 4 parents, 7 siblings, 30+ aunts and uncles, and 30+ cousins I grew up with, I see a part of who I am.

Similarly, I am deeply connected to who I am for the world when in relationship with others who have the same passion for social good.  When I go to the SVP Network conference every year I am surrounded by a few hundred of my people.  I feel whole and strong and content.  I am challenged and engaged and supported and appreciated in a way that is special and nourishing.

Having just returned from this year’s Audacious Philanthropy SVP conference I realize just how much I want this to be the experience of everyone involved with SVP here in Boulder County.  I want Partners and Investees, allies and nonprofit board members, donors and collaborators to find themselves within SVP; to feel whole, strong, and energized.

SVP Boulder County is experiencing a series of significant transitions taking us from operating as a small, exclusive organization focused on responding to the needs of a select group of givers and nonprofits, to a leader in the local sector serving many people and organizations.  Moving forward as an inclusive leader focused on creating engagement, strong organizations, and collective impact we have to figure out who we are as individuals, as an organization/network, and as a system. These are the types of heady issues I explored throughout the conference.

But, I came home with one simple assignment. Every day I will consider how we/I might intentionally create meaningful relationships.

Please join me in this crusade. Think about how you might intentionally create meaningful relationships. Think about how SVP might do this. Share your ideas on how I might do this better. Together, we can create a community in which we all know who we are and how we belong.

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