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Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Occasional Insight: Alumni Investees & SVP

By Olga Heifets

Around the SVP office, we share frequent moments of pride when we get word from current or former Investees. In addition to the ongoing capacity project updates and telephone assistance we provide to our current Investee class, we also offer help to SVP’s alumni Investees from time to time.

A recent example of this arose when former the former Lead Partner for graduate Investee TLC Learning Center rang the office. As often happens, Dennis continues to stay connected to the nonprofit he invested time and energy into as a Lead Partner. So, when TLC Executive Director Matt Eldred needed informed insight into specific human resource questions, Dennis heard the call and took steps to see how SVP might help.

“The personal connection you create with the organization makes it easy to stay invested in their success,” says Dennis. Even after the formal SVP engagement ends, “you attend fundraisers, keep track and follow what’s happening with them. Having put a lot of time, effort and emotional energy in, you want to see them succeed – succeed every day, and on an ongoing basis.”

Since 1956, TLC Learning Center has been “nurturing success in all children,” offering early childhood education and pediatric therapy in a deliberately diverse environment. They graduated from a four-year SVP investment in 2014 (learn more, in the investment case study).

Leveraging the skills that exist within SVP, Dennis connected Matt to Linda, another SVP Partner, who offered her expertise and guidance on questions around employee benefits and payroll. After a series of phone calls and some analysis of TLC’s existing payroll systems and processes, Matt says “Linda helped us be in compliance with labor laws, and ensured we’re doing well by our staff. This type of consulting would have cost us hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.”

Matt also plans to be a part of SVP’s inaugural executive coaching cohort. Through Execs Evolve, Matt hopes to find insight and feedback to continue making the business side of TLC all the more effective and efficient…“It’s so valuable – who wouldn’t want that?” he notes. Who indeed! We look forward to continuing the conversation, with Matt and all of SVP’s alumni Investees.

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