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Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Out with a Bang

Man alive, have we had a lot going on this fall!

In addition to an illuminating alumni investee panel, a successful Fall Partner Meeting, and the launch of our three professional development educational series, SVP saw a flurry of activity following September’s floods, has new areas of focus for 2014-15, and just wrapped our pilot year with Social Enterprise by choosing not one, but two investees.

On the precipice of this year’s holiday season, and what’s sure to be an active close for the year, I’m doing a lot of reflecting on what an amazing, dynamic organization I’ve joined.

I’m proud to know we’ll continue our involvement in Boulder County’s long term flood recovery, with the SVP Opportunity Fund welcoming donations and an ad-hoc committee forming now to guide SVP involvement.

I’m excited to see which Boulder County nonprofits fall into our newly-identified focus areas. And, curious to learn more about those who’ll be inspired enough by all that SVP’s got to give to attend an info session to explore whether they should pursue funding.

And, I’m stoked to see where our Social Enterprise involvement takes us as an organization – with our two social enterprise investees, Intercambio Uniting Communities and Boulder Treasures, in such different and exciting phases of their efforts.

I’m sure 2014 will bring good things to SVP…but boy oh boy has this last half of 2013 been fun. Let’s celebrate that as we wrap the season and reflect on the year. Here’s to all that’s heading our way in 2014!

All the best to you and yours this holiday season – SVP is lucky to have you!

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