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Thursday, October 21st, 2021

SVP's Summary of the Technology Survey of Nonprofits

by Emily Hinck

In August 2021, the Social Venture Partners Boulder County (SVP) Technology Resource Team surveyed Boulder County nonprofits to gain a better understanding of the local technology landscape. Thirty-three individuals from twenty seven organizations responded to the survey. The key takeaways from the survey are that the majority of organizations use a CRM (constituent relationship management tool) and that whichever tool is used, it is considered critical for fundraising efforts.

Organizations use a variety of CRM tools, with the most predominant being Salesforce, Neon, DonorPerfect, and Blackbaud products. Tools for related functions such as online donations, forms and surveys, and grant, volunteer, and event management are even more varied with little overlap between responding organizations. Few organizations are using a text messaging application. Organizations are relatively satisfied with their CRM with the top reasons for dissatisfaction being complexity of use and lack of functionality or the need for add-ons to meet desired functionality.

Responding organizations are largely relying on vendor customer support or volunteers when issues or questions arise with their CRM and the majority of organizations have 5 or fewer staff members who are highly skilled at using the system. Organizational priorities when selecting a CRM are functionality and price and few organizations prioritize staff experience/knowledge.

From the responses, the SVP Tech Team has drawn the following conclusions:

  • CRMs are critical for Boulder County nonprofit organizations to achieve their fundraising goals.
  • Organizations are lacking the training and support needed to make the most of their existing CRM.
  • Organizations are using a variety of technology tools to meet fundraising and related functions with little to no integration with their CRM.

Based on these findings, the SVP Tech Team offers support to Boulder County organizations by:

  • Connecting staff members with other organizations who use the same tool(s) for peer learning opportunities;
  • Assisting organizations with finding the support they need, by connecting them with skilled professionals who focus on working with nonprofit organizations; and,
  • Supporting organizations with technology audit services to inform strategic technology decisions.
  • To contact Social Venture Partners Boulder County to learn about the technology services they provide, please go to the “Contact Us” page on the Social Venture Partners Boulder County website by clicking here.

For more information on these findings, please view this report: Tech Survey Results Presentation


Josh Silberstein, CEO

Social Venture Partners Boulder County

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